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Santa Clara, California: March 17-19, 2009

Diversify your Product Portfolio

Common wisdom teaches that, on average, a diverse financial portfolio weathers periods of economic hardship better than a portfolio that depends on a single asset class. This is true of international product markets as well. Products that can be sold in multiple geographies have greater chances of success than those that are confined to one local market.

Internationalization: a real option!

The bridge between globalization and localization that creates future opportunity:

  • Business case
  • Cost
  • Scope
  • Effort estimation
  • Technical strategy
  • Architecture
  • Research
  • Teams
  • Tools
  • Legal conformity

Globalization: Strategy

  • Countries
  • Channels
  • Products
  • Features
  • Support

Localization: Tactics

  • Adaptation
  • Translation


Why and What, and a little bit of How

There is an abundance of information about how to go about internationalization available from books and conferences such as the Unicode Conference, but little information about why internationalization should be done and what it consists of.

The Worldware conference illuminates the “why” and “what” of internationalization in a two-day conference setting. Subject matter experts from leading companies offer indispensible insights into key topics for any company delivering software to the world audience. The formal conference is followed by a third workshop day for hands-on inclined attendees who just can’t live without a little bit of guidance in the “how.”


Why What & How

Internationalization subject matter experts share their knowledge with you!

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