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Santa Clara, California: March 17-19, 2009

The first Worldware conference was a success!

Thank you to all who attended and helped to create an atmosphere of lively discusssions and good networking. A few photos from the conference are online. You can be for future conference updates.

The conference was an opportunity to learn how to get international product releases out on time and on budget. Attendees learned from the experts how to build, deploy and maintain worldwide product releases.

Now, more than ever

Internationalization is the unavoidable
prerequisite to global sales.

As the current recession proves, you can no longer depend on the North American market alone as your sole source of revenue.  Companies that create products that can be sold globally can prosper even in the most recessionary times by appealing to a worldwide market.

You need to understand internationalization now! You need tools, concepts, and materials to effectively evangelize internationalization efforts before your own company.

A conference like no other

Worldware conference focused on the
ROI of internationalization

Internationalization is the technological bridge between companies' global expansion plans and product localization efforts.

At Worldware, we began on Day 1 with an in-depth look at the business case for proactive investment in internationalization, whether or not your company currently delivers localized products. Then we moved on to more technical topics on Day 2, and we finished with architecture discussions and workshops on Day 3.

No other conference addresses this subject matter.

People who found value at Worldware:
Technically inclined strategic decision-makers
Development Directors in large enterprises
Software architects
International product and marketing managers
Webmasters of global sites
Attendees were able to:
Understand the benefits and challenges of proactive internationalization
Gain insight over the success strategies implemented by leading international software companies
Learn from subject matter experts
Interact with peer high-level decision-makers
Special Half-day Workshop

Cross-Cultural User-Interface Design for Work, Home, Play, and On the Way
Speaker: Aaron Marcus
(Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.)
Software CEO

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