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To help us shape and optimize the content of your conference, we have assembled a stellar Program Advisory Board from a range of companies that have achieved a high degree of sophistication in both the theory and hands-on practice of internationalization. The following thought leaders in the industry participated with Daniel Goldschmidt and Richard Sikes of Localization Flow Technologies, Ulrich Henes of The Localization Institute and Donna Parrish of MultiLingual Computing, Inc. to craft the program for Worldware 2010.
Adam Asnes, Lingoport
Adam Asnes founded Lingoport in 2001. As Lingoport's president and CEO, he focuses on sales and marketing alliances while maintaining oversight of the company's internationalization services engineering and Globalyzer product development. Adam is a frequent speaker on globalization technology as it affects businesses expanding their worldwide reach.
Manish Bhargava, Google Inc.
Manish Bhargava, product manager for internationalization(i18n) efforts at Google, is the driving force behind Google's 40-language initiative. His team helps various Google products internationalize by providing the technical know-how and international market insights. Under his leadership, internationalization has become part-and-parcel of product development at Google with Google Search being available in 150+ languages. During this period, Google has been actively contributing to the open-source world via contributions to CLDR, ICU launches. He was instrumental in establishing the innovative internationalization/localization quality program called IPQEP that has provided the required feedback loop for making Google products truly local for various markets. Manish has a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University and a bachelor’ degree from IIT Bombay.
Loïc Dufresne de Virel, Intel Corporation
Loïc Dufresne de Virel is currently a localization strategist within Intel’s in-house localization team. In this role, his main activities include overseeing the use of Intel's translation management system, constantly advocating for proper and improved internationalization and localization practices and processes for web, software and "print" collateral, as well as managing most localization projects for Intel Digital Health Group. Prior to moving to Oregon and joining Intel, where he has been involved in localization for the past ten years, Loïc spent a few years in Costa Rica, working as a regional technical adviser for the UNCTAD.
Mike Hedley, Microsoft Corporation
Mike Hedley has worked for Microsoft in the United States and China in various capacities since 1995. As a Group Program Manager, Mike manages the Globalization Team for the Developer Division. The team's primary responsibilities are to ensure the world-readiness of Visual Studio, the .NET Framework, and other developer tools produced by Microsoft. In addition, team members located in Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East work closely with local customers to gather product feedback and identify market-specific needs.
Gary Lefman, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Gary Lefman joined Cisco in 2000 and rapidly became a professional network engineer, but in 2003 he stumbled into the world of localization by accident and has never turned back. Gary is now localization engineering technical leader for the Voice Technology Group and is responsible for internationalization, externalization and localization of the Cisco Unified Communications core portfolio. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Lincoln in England teaching internationalization and localization to final year and Ph.D. research students and is currently extending a product agnostic localization toolkit that enables the localization of any product, anywhere by anyone.
Ken Lunde, Adobe Systems Incorporated
Dr. Ken Lunde has been working for Adobe Systems, headquartered in San Jose, California, for almost 19 years, and is currently a senior computer scientist in CJKV Type Development. Ken is also the author of CJKV Information Processing, 2nd ed. (O'Reilly Media, 2009).
Michael McKenna, Yahoo! Inc.
With over one and a half decades of internationalization experience, Michael McKenna is a specialist in the globalization of applications and distributed systems. He is a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience consulting and leading globalization projects for a number Fortune 500 companies and has a background in global e-commerce, application design, database internals, distributed bibliographic systems, test engineering and ethnographic research. He is currently leading the internationalization architecture and infrastructure team at Yahoo! Inc.
Henry Meinig, Lionbridge
Henry Meinig works as an internationalization engineer for Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., based out of Boulder, Colorado, delivering internationalization audits, seminars, consulting and enabling services to clients. He has been the lead engineer on a large number of internationalization implementation projects. His experience in the field of language engineering and internationalization spans over the last 20 years. Henry has a master of sciences degree in telecommunications from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Florian Sachse, SDL Passolo
Florian Sachse is one of the chief developers of the industry-leading software localization tool SDL Passolo. Within SDL Passolo, Florian’s focus is on Microsoft .NET. He has also been the trainer for numerous .NET sessions with TILP's "Ask the Expert" events. Florian is a member of many organizations such as OASIS, GALA and TILP and has served on the advisory board for the Localization World Conference in Bonn. He was one of the partners in the European Union projects IGNITE, DANDELION and eColoTrain, all dedicated to standards in the localization process.
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