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Sven Christian Andrä, Andrä AG
Sven Christian Andrä was born in 1972 and is the founder and director of Andrä AG. At the age of 15, together with his father, he set up L&S Systemtechnik in order to sell his own software and services. After 'A' levels there followed various stays abroad, including South Africa, France, Russia and the United States, among others. His course of engineering studies at Karlsruhe University also took Sven to Lausanne and Hamburg-Harburg. After working as a self-employed management consultant and programmer for twelve years, in 1999 he founded Andrä AG. Over the years this company specialized in software development for the area of translation management systems. Today, Andrä AG has four branch offices in Germany and one development office in San Jose, California, and employs a staff of around 35.
Glenn Arango, Yahoo! Inc.
Glenn Arango is a big picture guy with an eye on the details. He comes to the world of globalization after more than a dozen years in information security with the idea of leveraging common approaches to adoption, compliance and community building. He is currently working on strategy and product management for Yahoo!'s Globalization Engineering team.
Adam Asnes, Lingoport
Adam Asnes founded Lingoport in 2001. As Lingoport's president and CEO, he focuses on sales and marketing alliances while maintaining oversight of the company's internationalization services engineering and Globalyzer product development. Adam is a frequent speaker on globalization technology as it affects businesses expanding their worldwide reach.
Shy Avni is CEO and founder of MULTILINGUAL QA Ltd., a quality assurance (QA) center specializing in localization testing in over 30 languages. MULTILINGUAL QA provides (QA) services for multilingual software, websites, devices and documentation. Shy founded MULTILINGUAL QA in 2006 with the vision of a new paradigm of outsourced services, with linguistic, cosmetic and functional QA all performed by native-speaking QA experts in a centralized testing lab environment. Prior to MULTILINGUAL QA, Shy was one of the founders of Net-Translators Ltd., a leading worldwide provider of localization services. Shy holds an MBA in business management.
Manish Bhargava, Google Inc.
Manish Bhargava, product manager for internationalization efforts at Google, is the driving force behind Google's 40-language initiative. His team helps various Google products internationalize by providing the technical know-how and international market insights. Under his leadership, internationalization has become part-and-parcel of product development at Google with Google Search being available in 150+ languages. During this period, Google has been actively contributing to the open-source world via contributions to CLDR, ICU launches. He was instrumental in establishing the innovative internationalization/localization quality program called IPQEP that has provided the required feedback loop for making Google products truly local for various markets. Manish has a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University and a bachelor’ degree from IIT Bombay.
Melissa Biggs, Oracle America, Inc.
Melissa Biggs, senior globalization business manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (now Oracle America, Inc.), has over 17 years of experience in localization management. Melissa has successfully delivered globalization and localization programs and strategies, driving the growth of globalization at Sun. She led the team who produced and implemented a unique globalization executive mandate defining globalization requirements and localization content for Sun products.
Henk Boxma, RIGI Localization Solutions
Henk Boxma is a principal consultant and cofounder of RIGI Localization Solutions. Henk has over 15 years of software engineering experience, a decade of which has been in the medical device industry at various geographical locations. During his tenure at Medtronic working with various architectures, business units and processes, he consistently encountered the gap between engineering and localization. In response, Henk took the initiative and successfully changed Medtronic’s localization process throughout by leading a cross-functional and cross-geographical team of developers, testers and translators. Significant improvements and cost savings were achieved for all involved disciplines, for which Henk was awarded the prestigious Medtronic CRDM Star of Excellence award. In 2008, Henk founded Boxma IT, an innovative company that develops powerful professional software solutions. Henk holds a B.Sc and M.Sc in technical computer sciences from Twente University in The Netherlands.
Tina Dam, ICANN
Tina Dam serves as senior director, IDNs, where she develops and manages all IDN-related projects at ICANN — in particular, with focus on the implementation of processes such as the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process and the new IDN gTLD Program that will enable deployment of internationalized top-level domains. Tina joined ICANN in 2003 as chief gTLD registry liaison, where she was responsible for developing ICANN's gTLD registry functions including defining, managing and implementing processes in accordance with consensus policies and ICANN agreements for servicing the gTLD registries. Prior to ICANN, she worked with several companies in the DNS community, including ICANN-accredited registrar Ascio Technologies (formerly known as SpeedNames) where she oversaw the launches of the .biz, .info, and .name top-level domains and managed the development of all related internal and external products and product marketing materials. Prior to Ascio, Tina was systems architecture engineer at Navision Software a/s, establishing the architecture design of the company's next generation of products. Tina holds a master’s degree in mathematics and physics from the Aalborg University in Denmark and a BBA in marketing management and international trade from Copenhagen Business School.
Loïc Dufresne de Virel, Intel Corporation
Loïc Dufresne de Virel is currently a localization strategist within Intel’s in-house localization team. In this role, his main activities include overseeing the use of Intel's translation management system, constantly advocating for proper and improved internationalization and localization practices and processes for web, software and "print" collateral, as well as managing most localization projects for Intel Digital Health Group. Prior to moving to Oregon and joining Intel, where he has been involved in localization for the past ten years, Loïc spent a few years in Costa Rica, working as a regional technical adviser for the UNCTAD.
Tom Edwards, Englobe Inc.
As the founder and principal consultant of Englobe Inc., a Seattle-based niche consultancy for geocultural content management, Tom Edwards became a unique hybrid of an academic geographer by training, a global program manager and educator by experience and a geocultural strategist by choice, coexisting with a passion for information technology, culture and games. Formerly as Microsoft's senior geopolitical strategist in the geopolitical strategy team (a position and team he created and managed), Tom researched and architected key content policies and consulted on geopolitical and cultural issues affecting all levels and locales of Microsoft’s business. He implemented a “geopolitical quality review” process across the company, including the Microsoft Game Studios where he was personally responsible for reviewing the potential sensitivities of nearly every first-party PC and Xbox game between 1995 and 2005. As a consultant, he has worked on numerous recent game titles including Dragon Age: Origins, Ninja Gaiden ll, Ninja Blade and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Tom is also a regular columnist for MultiLingual, the founder and chair of the IGDA Game Localization SIG, and is working on several incubation projects including a geocultural literacy program for children. He has a BA in geography and certificate in cartography (CSU Long Beach) and an MA in geography (University of Washington) and is perpetually trying to finally complete his Ph.D. in geography. He has been a presenter at numerous conferences, businesses and universities and was awarded Chartered Geographer status by the Royal Geographical Society (UK) in 2004.
Magdalena Enea, HighTech Passport, Inc.
Magdalena Enea is vice president of business development and cofounder of HighTech Passport, an internationalization and localization provider in Silicon Valley since 1992, specializing in internationalization, localization and multilingual testing services for the web, IT, medical and scientific areas in over 60 languages. Her studies of both European and Asian languages, as well as her hands-on experience in the various language fields in both Eastern and Western European countries, have helped her develop a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to localization and internationalization. She has been involved in localization since 1987 and continues to be a key contributor to the design and implementation of HighTech Passport's growth strategy, whose quest is to adapt its processes to the particularities of its customers and of their products.
Claudia Galván, Microsoft Corporation
Claudia Galván is currently leading the international versions of Windows Live Web Communications in the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus. Since coming to Microsoft, she has successfully delivered several versions of WL Hotmail, Contacts, Calendar; Search Client and Alerts among others in up to 48 languages and 160+ markets. Before she joined Microsoft, she was the corporate product manager for globalization strategy for Adobe, responsible for setting up the language and market roadmap for all products. She moved to this position after leading engineering teams for several years responsible for developing globalization and electronic software delivery technologies used in all Adobe products. For a couple of years at Oracle, she was the national language support manager for the tools division where she set processes to achieve simultaneous releases and driving early versions of Unicode into the Oracle Tools products. She has a master's degree in program and project management from Golden Gate University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Anahuac University in Mexico City. She was the 2008 recipient of the leadership award in her organization.
Daniel Goldschmidt, RIGI Localization Solutions
Daniel Goldschmidt is a principal consultant and cofounder of RIGI Localization Solutions. As a senior software engineer and professional in the globalization of software and content field, he has extensive experience in the internationalization and localization of large-scale enterprise applications and projects. Through his association with RIGI Localization Solutions, Daniel provides his client base with internationalization and localization expertise: automation, process improvement, training and workshops. He has previously served as a senior software engineer in the Google Internationalization Team, working on the Google Localization Framework, and he was invited by the European Commission to serve as an independent expert in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) program. Daniel holds a B.Sc. in computer sciences and mathematics (cum laude) and an M.Sc. in computer sciences, both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Konstantin Guericke, Cofounder of LinkedIn
Konstantin Guericke is an entrepreneur who was most recently CEO of jaxtr, a social communications start-up with over ten million registered users that was purchased by SabSe Technologies in June 2009. In addition to working on his next start-up, Konstantin continues to advise LinkedIn on the company’s activities in the German market. Before jaxtr, Konstantin cofounded LinkedIn and as vice president of marketing led the company’s marketing activities from launch to profitability in 2006. Prior to LinkedIn, Konstantin served as vice president of marketing at and as vice president of sales and marketing for Black Sun Interactive, a pioneer in 3-D social web software at the dawn of the web. Konstantin graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. and M.S. in engineering. Konstantin is a German native and has lived, studied and worked in Japan as well as the United States and Germany. To learn more about his background, view his profile at
Martin Güttinger, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Martin Güttinger has been manager of translation and localization for Cisco Systems' Voice Technology Group for the past nine years. Prior to that, he was globalization manager for Active Voice Corporation. In his current role, Martin is the business and technical leader of Cisco’s Voice Technology Localization Group, responsible for the internationalization and localization of all of Cisco's Enterprise Voice and Unified Communication applications. He holds a bachelor's degree in modern languages from the Zurich Translator and Interpreter School and a master's degree in business administration in information technology from Jones International University in Centennial, Colorado. Martin has 20 years of experience in the localization industry, both on the vendor and manufacturer sides and in technical and managerial roles.
Lee Jones, Microsoft Corporation
Lee Jones' professional career has revolved around international software consulting, development and localization engineering since signing on in Osaka as a researcher in a Japanese factory automation company in the early 1990s. For the past four years, he has worked on the global developer experience team in the server and tools division at Microsoft where he has been collaborating with product teams (“influencing the influencers”) to develop world-ready software for their global customers. Lee is currently working with development groups under the Silverlight, .NET and Visual Studio umbrellas and with partners across the Microsoft internationalization community.
Bob Jung, Google Inc.
Bob Jung is Google's director of software engineering for internationalization. He joined Google in May 2005 and began building the Google internationalization engineering team. His team develops internationalization APIs, tools and technologies used across Google products and provides internal consulting on internationalization design. Bob works with Manish Bhargava to drive the company-wide 40-languages initiative. Bob's team also includes major drivers and contributors to the Unicode standard and the ICU/CLDR open source projects. Prior to Google, Bob built the Netscape internationalization engineering team. At Netscape he helped drive the early web internationalization efforts and drove development of the initial Mozilla internationalization browser and technologies. Prior to Netscape, Bob worked for Apple, MIPS, Nihon Unisoft and UniSoft (one of the earliest companies to commercialize Unix). He has been intimately involved in internationalization for over 15 years. He worked in Tokyo three years and is a computer science graduate from UC-Berkeley.
Jeffrey Klein, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Jeffrey Klein is currently a software engineer responsible for managing the efforts of internationalizing and localizing the international versions of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics' Microbiology platform of products. He was a member of the globalization team that developed and put into place software globalization standards for the company. He has led the charge to improve the company's globalization procedures — seeing costs cut by 70% and international release schedules drastically reduced. In his downtime, he enjoys playing and coaching soccer with his daughters, competing in triathlons and traveling.
Michael Labriola, digital primates IT Consulting Group
Michael Labriola is the client-side architect responsible for the first enterprise Adobe Flex application to target the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Central America with a single code base and enjoys sharing the lessons learned from this and other projects. As a senior consultant at Digital Primates, he has been developing internet applications since 1995 and has been working with Adobe Flex since its 1.0 beta program. Michael is an Adobe certified instructor, community expert and coauthor of multiple books on Adobe Flex and AIR. By day, Michael is an active international speaker, consultant and mentor for teams engaged with Adobe technologies. His free time is spent escaping from technology through wine and food.
Michael McKenna, Yahoo! Inc.
With over one and a half decades of internationalization experience, Michael McKenna is a specialist in the globalization of applications and distributed systems. He is a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience consulting and leading globalization projects for a number Fortune 500 companies and has a background in global e-commerce, application design, database internals, distributed bibliographic systems, test engineering and ethnographic research. He is currently leading the internationalization architecture and infrastructure team at Yahoo! Inc.
Kader Mehidi, CA, Inc.
Kader Mehidi manages the product internationalization at CA, where he focuses on internationalization requirements and their implementation across all product lines. Prior to joining CA, Kader was globalization manager at Niku Corporation, overseeing product internationalization and localization until CA acquired Niku in 2005. Having integrated Niku's internationalization best practices into CA, he has first-hand experience of some of the issues and challenges that come with acquisitions.
Cliff Miller, DeviceVM
Cliff Miller has founded and run high-tech companies for the past 17 years.  His first company, TurboLinux, grew to become the leading Linux company in Asia, with over 300 employees in offices worldwide. One of the first highly profitable Linux and internet companies, TurboLinux went public in 2005 in Japan. In ramping up his companies, Cliff has raised over $100 million from more than 30 financial and corporate partners. Cliff is a recipient of the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Utah as well as prestigious research awards from the National Science Foundation and the American Electronics Association.
Katsuhiko Momoi, Google Inc.
Kat Momoi is currently a staff test engineer at Google. He joined Netscape in 1996, where he initially worked as an internationalization evangelist, then as a principal internationalization software quality assurance (QA) engineer and as a Mozilla technology evangelist. Since joining Google in 2005, he has been working as an internationalization consultant and test engineer for Google applications. Kat has presented papers at W3C and Unicode conferences as well as other industry conferences in Japan and the United States. He is also a coauthor of the Emoji encoding proposal submitted to the Unicode Consortium and ISO.
Nelson Ng, eBay Inc.
Since 1983, Nelson has worked at Xerox, Sun, Oracle, Microsoft, Ariba and eBay in the area of internationalization. While Nelson was at Sun, he was part of the development team for the first version of internationalized OpenWindows. At Microsoft, he designed the framework to develop the first internationalized version of Hotmail. Currently, Nelson is the chief globalization architect at eBay, where he led the migration of eBay Marketplace to UTF-8.
André Pellet, COMSYS
André Pellet has been in the translation and localization industry for over 20 years, having served as president of a mid-sized translation company, M2Enterprises/M2 Limited, and then as vice president at Welocalize. He has an engineering degree with a specialization in computer science and has been active with the American Translators Association and its Washington chapter, NCATA, ALC, GALA, Localization World and MultiLingual, leading discussions on mergers and acquisition and technology within the language industry. He is currently with Comsys.
Roozbeh Pournader, HighTech Passport, Inc.
Roozbeh Pournader is an internationalization expert at HighTech Passport, a company specializing in localization and internationalization services. Roozbeh has been working on software bidirectionalization since 1996. As a native speaker of Persian, Roozbeh has had ample opportunity to experience the challenges of bidirectionalization firsthand. He is an author of multiple standards and technical reports for bidirectional support in software and a contributor to the Unicode Standard. He recently won a Unicode Bulldog award for outstanding personal contributions to the philosophy and dissemination of the Unicode Standard, especially pertaining to the Arabic script. Roozbeh contributes to various free software projects and is an advocate of open-source software development. He represents the GNOME Foundation in the Unicode Consortium.
Riley Tim Riley, Mozilla
Tim Riley led internationalization and localization testing teams at Sun Microsystems and most recently at Mozilla Corporation. Here his work involved strategies and tools for over 70 individual localization teams around the globe. He has tested spacecraft simulators, high security operating systems, language platforms, application servers, hosted services and open-source web applications. His new book Beautiful Testing is a collaboration with 27 leading testers and developers. In addition to his interest in software localization, Tim enjoys live/studio sound engineering and being a breeder-caretaker for Canine Companions for Independence.
Roland Jessica Roland, EMC
Jessica Roland manages the international product operations group for EMC's content management and archiving division. Her team includes localization engineering, localization quality assurance, localization program management international product management and is responsible for all aspects of 300+ localized product releases per year. Jessica's focus over 11+ years with the company has been on innovations in the areas of international product management, globalization technology partnerships, global product architecture and localization process automation. Jessica is active in the globalization industry where she is an advisory board member of organizations devoted to technology innovation. Her prior experiences in 20+ years within the high-tech industry have been centered on international business, including several years working for the French government helping innovative French technology companies enter US markets.
Jörg Schütz, BIOLOOM Group
Jörg Schütz is a computer scientist and IT philosopher with over 30 years of business experience in different information and communication technology fields ranging from databases through language technologies to virtualization. He has consulted and lectured worldwide, is a member of several scientific and industry associations and advises the European Commission as an expert, evaluator and reviewer. He is also active in standardization bodies and working groups on data and knowledge exchange formats. Jörg has studied computer science, mathematics and medicine; he holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and machine translation, and an honorary professorship in machine translation and information sciences from Saarland University. In 2001, he founded bioloom group, an organization that consults on and develops solutions for the next generation of intelligent computing-based applications.
Bill Sullivan, IBM
Bill Sullivan has worked for the IBM Corporation for more than 34 years, the last 17 of which have been in the internationalization and globalization arena. During that time, he has worked with hundreds of software and hardware products from laptops to mass spectrometers. He has also served as a globalization consultant to IBM solution and service providers supporting a broad range of industries. He is currently IBM’s globalization executive and director of globalization and translation with overall responsibility for all of IBM’s software, hardware and service offerings. Bill manages IBM's worldwide team of globalization subject matter experts, including the teams that develop the open-source international components for Unicode.  He also owns and manages the process and tools used by IBM’s worldwide translation centers. Bill is a graduate of Fordham University, with post-graduate degrees from Trinity College Dublin and New York University. Currently, Bill is chief strategist and a member of the executive committee for the Localisation Industry Standards Association (LISA) and a member of the Unicode board of directors.
Merle Tenney, Language Technology Consultant
Merle Tenney is an international and linguistic software developer with over 25 years experience managing, designing and developing products for the global marketplace. His career has been divided between the neighboring fields of software internationalization and natural language processing (NLP). At Microsoft, ABBYY, Microlytics, Lexpertise and ALPNET, Merle developed NLP tools for readers, writers and translators in major European and Asian languages. At Yahoo!, Apple, Palm, and Claris, he led the internationalization of application and system software, most notably as Apple’s international technology evangelist. Merle’s work is marked by innovations in social media globalization, translation memory, translation editors, grammar and style checkers, second language checkers, electronic references and quality assurance methodologies for proofreading tools, and machine translation systems. To learn more about his background, visit
Tex Texin, XenCraft
Tex Texin is an industry thought leader and provider of business and software globalization services. His expertise includes global product strategy, Unicode and internationalization architecture, and cost-effective implementation and testing. Tex has created numerous global products, built internationalization development teams, and guided companies in taking business to new regional markets. Tex is also a contributor to internationalization standards for software and on the web. He is a popular speaker at conferences around the world and provides training on Unicode, internationalization, and QA worldwide. Tex is on the steering committees of IBM ICU and Globalsight open-source products and the program committees for Unicode and other conferences. Tex maintains two websites on internationalization: the popular and Tex is Xen Master for XenCraft. XenCraft provides consulting, implementation and training services on globalization product strategy and software internationalization architecture.
Lori Thicke, Lexcelera
Lori Thicke is cofounder and CEO of Lexcelera (Eurotexte Group). Established in Paris in 1986, Lexcelera was the first localization company in France to receive ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. Today, Lexcelera is an innovator in the translation technology space and a leader in end-to-end machine translation (MT) services. In 1993, Lori cofounded Translators Without Borders to provide free translations to humanitarian organizations. Lori, who holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia, is a frequent speaker on translation innovation.
Jean-François Vanreusel, Adobe Systems Incorporated
Jean-François Vanreusel, director of product localization, leads a global team of bright international program managers, engineers and quality engineers responsible for driving the localized releases and world-readiness support for all Adobe products. Jean-François joined Adobe Systems in 1998. During his tenure in the company, he has directly driven localization engineering projects for products such as Photoshop, Framemaker, Premiere and GoLive. He was instrumental in creating Adobe’s world-readiness framework to measure, track and plan internationalization support in Adobe’s products. Jean-François has participated in small and large acquisitions with the role of facilitating the integration of both companies from a globalization perspective. Jean-François holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in computer science from the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix in Namur, Belgium, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business from UC-Berkeley.
Chris Weber, Casaba Security
Chris Weber is cofounder at Casaba Security where he has led testing services and product development for new tools to assist in the field of Unicode and web-application security. Chris has spent years focusing on web-application and software security testing for some of the world’s leading development companies and online properties. Chris authored several security books, articles and presentations and regularly speaks at industry conferences. Chris has worked as a security researcher and consultant for over a decade identifying hundreds of security vulnerabilities in many widely used products.










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